Welcome !  We are a dynamic ensemble from Belgium that celebrates John Zorn's beautiful soundtrack-music, arranged for Violin, Harp, Cello and Guitar/Bass and played by classicaly-trained musicians : Eva, Herlinde, Karen and Jan.  

Encouraged by the composer, Tirzah developed a heart-warming concert-program that combines Zorn's music with narration and the screening of a short animation-movie.

Tirzah played to great acclaim at Gent-Jazz : Zorn at 60 !

Our Theater Show has hit Cultural Hotspots like De Warande and CC. Puurs.  More shows coming up in Antwerp, Geel, Heist-op-den-Berg.

-  Tirzah proudly presents its CD of John Zorn's Filmworks  -

Tirzah-Quartet played to great acclaim at Gent-Jazz : Zorn @ 60 ! (filmed from audience) 

The Stallion, played live with a clip from animation-movie "The Rain Horse".


Track "The Rain Horse" played live, with end-titles movie The Rain Horse :

 "The Encounter", played live, with movie The Rain Horse :