3. Miscelaneous Filmworks Pieces 

At our concerts, a varied mix of Zorn's Filmworks pieces can be played live by Tirzah : from Jewish to Latin themes, from intmate and melancholic to  bright and upbeat.  From broad tapestries of sound to delicate repetitive laceworks.

The soundtrack from "The Rain Horse" can be played with or without the screening of the short animation movie.  Some intimate themes like "The Rain Horse", "Bird in the Mist" or "Tree of Life" are set against more vivid ones like "The Stallion" or "Danse Exotique". 

The themes that we play from "Secret Lives" can also be perfomed with or without a narrator.

More miscelaneous pieces in our repertoire  :

"Mamme Loshen"  and "Beyond the Pale",  from Filmworks XX,Sholem Aleichem

"Pales of Settlement" from Filmworks XXV, City of Slaughter

"Talking through Oblivion" from Filmworks XX, Sholem Aleichem

"Besos de Sangre" uit Filmworks XXIII, El General

"Tree of Life" from Filmworks XIX, The Rain Horse

"Invitation to a Suicide" from  Filmwoks XIII

"Femina end-titles" (from File-card-composition Femina)

"Merkabah" from Filmworks XIV

"The Treatment" and "Romance" from Filmworks XVIII, The Treatment.

"Book of Shadows" (from "In Search of the Miraculous", from the series of Mystical Pieces for the 21st Century)